Reality On Covid Mortality

by Karl Denninger

A quick reality check:

Among the cohort otherwise known as non-working young people, that is, age 0 – 15, there have been almost zero Covid evidenced deaths and this includes seriously-ill persons with other factors. In other words you are far more-likely to die as a child or adolescent by falling off your bicycle or falling down the stairs in your house. The number of NY deaths under the age of 17 even with underlying factors is six and without underlying factors is zero.

Among the cohort otherwise known as working-age adults, defined at 16-64, the excess mortality rate (that is, the percentage of “all-cause” mortality) from Covid-19 is just over 1%. Every death is tragic but in terms of actual death rate you are far more-likely to be killed by any one of a laundry-list of causes than Covid-19. Simply put if you’re scared of this virus and in that age group you’re nuts to the degree that you’re unfit to hold a job or be trusted with a pronouncement of the color of the sky; unless you have a severe, life-threatening condition already (in which case you’re at high risk of dying anyway) the odds are overwhelming that this virus will do nothing to you of note.

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