President Trump is Scandal-Free, Unlike Obama | The Andrew Klavan Show (Ep. 899)

from The Daily Wire

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The press makes a scandal out of every legal thing Trump does, but can’t find Obamagate with two hands and a flashlight. Why are Democrats and the mainstream media trying to hide Obama and Biden’s probable misdeeds? We’ll also get into the new revelations of Susan Rice lying on the news about Obamagate (which isn’t that surprising at all), how we know somebody in the Obama administration broke the law over all of this, and discuss how the media is being nefarious in their coverage of Trump vs. Andrew Cuomo – who has a legitimate scandal brewing on his hands. Plus the Chinese Mailbag, spreading wisdom like the plague.

0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Top Comment
3:05 – The Big Idea: The Media’s coverage of Trump taking Hydroxychloroquine is ridiculous, Trump Admin is scandal-free
7:30 – Susan Rice is proven to be a liar on Obamagate statements
14:08 – We know laws were broken in Obamagate scandal, Marco Rubio explains
15:10 – Could James Comey be in danger of being prosecuted?
17:45 – Joe Biden refuses to discuss Obamagate scandal, puts blame on Trump
18:36 – Biden calls with Ukranian President leaked
21:02 – Trump destroys media for question why so many Americans are out of work
23:45 – Media tread lightly with Andrew Cuomo on nursing home scandal
32:03 – Mailbag

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