On Trump-Hatred

by David Prentice
American Thinker

It’s not rocket science to say the beginning of Trump hatred came from the Clinton campaign. He was once feted in New York, even by liberals. How did it change from high regard to hated? One thing is clear, dislike was instant once Trump entered the race as a Republican, increased as he ran, and took a quantum leap forward when he won the election. To this day the hatred has grown on a level hardly thought possible.

It has now become common for leftists to accost those who differ by going into hysterics. Hysterics often exhibiting shrieking about how Trump lies, and how he’s the most awful person in the world. This has become somewhat normative for the left. I have personally witnessed many left-leaning individuals who act otherwise sane, erupt in reckless anger, going on diatribes of how Trump lies. All the time. This malicious soul eating anger, its zeal, its unbridled passion is something exhibited by most leftist elites, yet excused.

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