No, 1 in 3 Kids Coming Across the Southern Border Are Not Victims of Sex Trafficking

This preposterous claim is front and center in a new PragerU video.

by Lenore Skenazy

In a recent short video for PragerU, Anna Paulina Luna, a Republican running for Congress in Florida, suggested that one third of the immigrant kids coming over our southern border are being sex trafficked.

She said it in a kind of garbled way—conflating the fact that some kids aren’t related to their smugglers, with the fact that “sex trafficking exists”—but her conclusion was clear: Separating kids from the adults bringing them over the border is for their own protection, because otherwise they are being sold into prostitution.

This notion is preposterous, says Debbie Nathan, a journalist who has covered immigration for 40 years and co-authored an article on this topic in The Appeal. In that 2019 piece, titled, “Trump Has Turned the War on Trafficking into a War on Immigrants,” she explained that there has been a “rhetorical mash-up of smuggling and trafficking.”

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