Never Have a Crappy Phone Interview Again – Viral Podcasting #72

from Viral Podcasting

Interview based shows know only too well that the quality of your show is often limited by the quality of the audio connection. If you’re using Skype to Skype domestically, sound quality issues are usually minimal. The problem occurs when you’re going Skype to Cellphone, Skype to VOIP or Skype to Landline. Fortunately, the folks at Rode thought of almost everything when they released their Rodecaster Pro. And much of what they didn’t think of, they’ve fixed in their firmware updates.

Your cellphone can be paired with the Rodecaster to enable wireless communication through the mixing board with your guest. But there is a quality issue. While it’s certainly better than Skype, it still leaves much to be desired. That’s why I tried a hardwire connection using a TRRS cable with a 3.5mm male jack that plugs into the Rodecaster. If you’re using an iPhone with a Lightning jack, you will need an adapter, which is available on Amazon.

The sound quality improvement was amazing. The connections extremely clear and if you’re going Verizon to Verizon, you’ll get near HD quality. I’ll never use bluetooth again unless I have to.

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