Negative Interest Rates: Planned Economic Collapse? (Shocking Intel Revealed!)

from George Gammon

Negative interest rate ?? INTEL YOU NEED! ?? Negative interest rates have never worked yet central bankers continue to move in that direction. Why? Not only do they go down the path of negative interest rates but when they don’t work their immediate conclusion is they just didn’t make the interest rates negative enough! To anyone looking on this seems insane. So why do central banks continue to pursue these failed policies. Well some, such as Richard Werner, have suggested the central banks are intentionally failing. While others, like Jeff Snider, have suggested the central banks are just simply incompetent. Regardless of the reason for negative interest rates, the one thing we know definitively is they’re incredibly destructive.

If you’re interested in negative interest rates, gold, silver, deflation, inflation or the future of the economy, THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU!

In this negative interest rate video I discuss the following:

1. How negative interest rates affect the banking system leading to a collapse in the money supply.
2. How negative interest rates could affect the REPO MARKET leading to an economic collapse.
3. Are negative interest rates a result of central bank incompetence and stubbornness or is it all part of a master plan?


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