Micromanaged Business Reopenings Could Cause More Harm

by Max Gulker
The American Institute for Economic Research

Depending on who you ask about the reopening of businesses beginning across the United States this week, we may have finally reached the light at the end of a self-imposed tunnel or be on the brink of a reckless leap into the abyss. Where both visions likely go wrong is their assumption of a climactic moment, where some are proven right and some wrong, and we turn the page on the COVID-19 pandemic that’s dominated our lives like few other events in recent memory.

Those seeking closure as America reopens will likely be disappointed. Judging by most states’ specific plans, we’re in for an arduous, confusing process with enough moving parts to provide the cover necessary for nobody to have to rethink much of anything. How appropriate that while encouraging this bitter cacophony these elaborate attempts at the illusion of control crowd out the one freely cooperative activity that cuts across even the most intractable lines–good old- fashioned commerce.

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