Men Accused of Raping Children Among 830 Inmates Freed in Massachusetts

[Ed. Note: Stop complaining. If we don’t let the child rapists go free, we won’t have any room for the millennials violating the social distancing rules. Get your priorities straight.]

by John Binder

Two men accused of raping children are among the nearly 830 Massachusetts inmates that have been freed in the last month over concerns of the Chinese coronavirus crisis spreading in prison facilities.

Convicted child rapist Glenn Christie, 54-years-old, and 29-year-old Matthew Parris, accused of raping two teenage girls this year, have both been released from Massachusetts prisons after the state’s supreme court has ordered the routine release of hundreds of accused and convicted criminals.

As of April 26, Massachusetts officials have released 824 inmates from state prisons since April 3. This means that the state is releasing about 36 inmates every day with no end in sight, all in an effort to empty jails to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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