K-12: Ten Lies Teachers Tell You

by Bruce Deitrick Price
American Thinker

Hopefully, no one will forget our debt to Rudolf Flesch. He was a great man with a great mind.

Almost forty years ago, Flesch published Why Johnny STILL Can’t Read, wherein he continued his crusade against Whole Word (AKA Whole Language, Sight-Words, and other aliases). In this book, Flesch attacked the Education Establishment and its counterfeit merchandise in a unique way. He pointed out that all the things the professors assert most loudly and proudly are nothing but alibis — a polite way of saying lies.

Has there ever been a field, in all of human history, that could be best defined by its alibis and lies? And not just a few of them. There are ten big ones. Identifying and illuminating them are where Flesch’s genius shone.

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