It’s Not How They Open, It’s How They Close with Nick Santiago (Ep. #29)

from Daily Market Wisdom with Nick Santiago

For more than 20 years, Master Trader Nick Santiago has been beating the markets. He’s made some incredible calls along the way and now he’s looking to spread the word. There’s no reason that the average trader should be coming up short. So now we’ve started a daily show to bring you up to date on the latest market developments. Nick will be sharing trades and concepts and discussing current trends. Today we discuss:

1. Markets are higher this morning, but they have been choppy over the past few weeks. This is why chart recognition is so important. Earlier today, the weekly initial claims report was released and it came in +3.169 million new claims. This number was expected. The next few weeks will be important to see since the economy is starting to slowly reopen. I would expect the number to get better as long as the economy does not go on lock-down again. Energy stocks showing good strength. Good strength in retail stocks broadly. The sector has been beaten up.

2. Moderna Inc (MRNA) reported news that the FDA will allow its COVID-19 vaccine candidate to proceed to a phase two study. While this looks like good news on the surface, when you dig a little deeper, it is really scary. This drug actually goes in and changes your RNA and DNA in your body. That sounds like its turning someone into a GMO (Genetically Modified Organism). This is backed by Bill Gates and he has lately become very disturbing. After all, he can barely keep a virus out of his operating system on Windows let alone a human being. SCARY!

3. Status of current picks and watch-list USO call option execution date in October, time run. SLV calls and the shares are in the money, LUV, XLF made 6% on the first half and break even on the second. Hotel stocks have reported earnings, then Nick will pounce. The easy money has been made. Yesterday there was a late day fade. But today is another day.

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