Investing Legend Sees a Second Great Depression for Stocks by 2023

from Zero Hedge

The name of Kiril Sokoloff, author of the weekly WILTW (What I Learned This Week) newsletter through his advisory firm 13D Global Strategy & Research, needs no introduction on this website for the simple reason that over the past few years we have often published his highly insightful excerpts (most recently one month ago with “A Corporate-Debt Reckoning Is Coming“).

Which is why the latest “Lunch with the FT” feature by the FT’s Rana Foroohar may be of interest to readers curious about Sokoloff’s background and how over the past four decades he became one of the most closely sought after independent thinkers and strategists on Wall Street (he works out of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, unaffiliated with any bank), and why his clients – which include Mukesh Ambani, Sam Zell and Raymond Kwok – are quite happy to pay thousands of dollars for a subscription.

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