Gold Miners Are Perhaps the Only Industry That Goes Into a True Bull Market Says Nels Stemm


Investment manager Nels Stemm is forecasting that gold miners will perhaps be the only industry that goes into a true bull market. In this interview Nels shares his expectations for the real estate market and what he currently looks for in a real estate debt deal. He explains why he is bullish on gold miners and why gold bullion is real savings with no counter-party risk. Furthermore, Nels discusses the possibility of a major financial crisis this fall similar to what we saw in 2008 with the Bear Stearns/Lehman Brothers collapse.

0:15 Introduction
1:20 What does Fairview Partners Investment Management do?
2:51 Expectations for real estate market?
5:04 What you look for in a real estate debt deal today?
7:26 Gold Miners perhaps only industry that goes into true bull market
8:58 Impetus for adding a gold fund to the business
12:05 Gold miners will diverge from broad market as it declines
13:13 We expect a Bear Stearns/Lehman Brothers situation perhaps this fall
16:06 What real assets will perform well in your forecast?
18:00 Gold is real savings and is not someone else’s liability
21:03 How to get in touch with Nels

Nels Stemm is a co-founding principal of Fairview Partners Investment Management, LLC and has led the firm’s investing and asset management activities for over 10 years. Nels has primary responsibility for the entire investment process of Fairview; including purchasing and originating loans, as well as managing real estate and working through distressed credits. Prior to Fairview, Nels was a development manager for the Kapalua Resort in Maui, Hawaii where he managed the development of multiple residential, retail, restaurant, and office properties. Nels holds a B.S. in Construction Management from the University of Washington.

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