Global Economic Depression and Why Another $500 Surge in the Price of Gold Will Surprise Investors

from King World News

There is no question we are in a global economic depression, plus why another $500 surge in the price of gold will surprise investors.

The Second Great Depression

May 13 (King World News) – John Ing: During the Great Depression, stocks lost 90 percent of their value, people lost savings and jobs. Today there are a record 33 million jobless Americans, double the 15 million jobless in the Thirties or 25 percent of the population then. And today, there are long food lines that rival those of the Great Depression. Yet looking at the stock market and its robust snapback rally, the juxtaposition between the comeback and an economy in freefall is contradictory. Of interest is that at the onset of the Great Depression, stocks actually rallied 50 percent, before losing 90 percent of their value three years later. And, looking for clues about the future from the bond market is futile given the Fed’s dominant presence. While there are similarities, they are differences.

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