Faulty Covid-19 Tests, But Results Delivered in 15 Minutes

[Ed. Note: Did it miss 48%, or are the other tests producing false positives? With so much total BS floating around, how would anyone know?]

from The Street

A study indicates Abbott ID Now failed to detect 48% of the positive cases found by another machine.

Fast results are one thing but accuracy is another.

The Abbott Lab test takes only 15 minutes. But what about accuracy?

Please consider Abbott’s Coronavirus Test Falls Short of Rival Device.

The study involved 101 emergency-room patients who were referred for testing at the hospital during a three-day period. For each patient, two swabs were taken. One swab was tested using a device the NYU lab had already validated, Cepheid’s GeneXpert, which takes about 45 minutes to complete a test. The other swab was taken using Abbott’s recommended method and tested in the ID Now.

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