Delayed Medical Procedures: Stories from the Front Lines

by Jeffrey A. Tucker
The American Institute for Economic Research

Last month, there was a bit of a chill in my right molar. My left molar was already capped after a root canal. So I wondered if the same was happening on the other side. I called some local dentists. None were in operation but for emergencies and mine didn’t qualify. They said they would be opening in a few weeks but only for established patients. I’m not among them.

No problem, I thought. I will visit my mother in another state and go to a dentist there. No luck: there was a mandatory two-week quarantine for out-of-state visitors. I couldn’t be there waiting for two weeks. Plus when one of these teeth starts to go bad, as I recall, you are in severe pain within a few days. I could ask my mother to lie for me, but that’s not nice.

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