Clinton-Obama in 2020? One Former White House Official Says It’s Possible

‘Before everyone rolls their eyes… do some fairly simple calculations about voters and swing states in your heads’

by Shawn Langlois
Market Watch

So, what if Joe Biden bows out of the race?

‘One particular, truly out-of-the-box combination stops the discussion in its tracks: Hillary Clinton as the nominee and Barack Obama as her running mate.’

That’s former White House and Pentagon official Douglas MacKinnon, a longtime Republican, getting creative in an op-ed in The Hill about a potential replacement ticket for the 2020 election.

“Desperate times do indeed call for desperate measures. For the Democrats, a truly desperate time could come if Joe Biden is forced to withdraw from the presidential race. ” MacKinnon wrote. “While the former vice president is the presumptive Democratic nominee to face off against President Trump in November, his nomination is still far from official.”

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