China and Democrats Mock Trump for Taking Covid Anti Virals, Pelosi Calls Him Morbidly Obese

from Tim Pool

China And Democrats Mock Trump For Taking COVID Anti Virals, Pelosi Calls Him Morbidly Obese. This may be the most absurd news cycle ever and I almost refuse to write anything in protest but whatever

Trump’s doctor gave him advice, thats it

In response the collective forces of the culture war left decided they were all doctors and to pile on to the president insulting him for being fat. Nancy pelosi called him morbidly obese prompting the hashtag #Presidentplump

Its funny but just incredibly stupid

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto piled on as well with unsound advice to not take medication that can only be prescribed.

Don’t get your medical advice from the president, the speaker of the house, your TV opinion people, or me.

Ask your doctor.


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