Caution is the Safest Policy

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Many commentators are interpretating the reopenings as signaling the end of the pandemic. Many of these commentators are those who deny the reality or seriousness of Covid-19, or deny the need for, or effectiveness of, the closedowns and social distancing and the need for, or usefulness of, masks.

The pandemic and the official responses have aroused suspicions that it is all a plot to further advance the police state that has been advancing on us since 9/11. Others stress that it is a manufactured opportunity for Bill Gates’ mass vaccination program and multi-billion dollar profits for Big Pharma. Whether or not the pandemic is a contrived plot, it is certainly being used to advance various agendas, including conflict with China.

These suspicions and beliefs have dangers of their own as they promote a lack of caution. For example, the belief that the crisis is over or was never real can leave us unprepared for a second wave as can the belief that the virus is burning out or mutating to a less dangerous form.

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