California Man Arrested Three Times in 12 Hours but Repeatedly Released Due to Zero-Bail Policy

from Jonathan Turley

There are have been various accounts of criminals who were released due to the pandemic only to quickly commit serious criminal acts. However, few have gone as viral as Dijon Landrum, 24. Landrum succeeded in being arrested three times over the course of 12 hours but still walked each time with just a citation for three felonies due to California’s zero-bail policy during the outbreak.

The Glendora Police Department said the first crime occurred at 8:28 a.m. with an attempt to break into a vehicle. Landrum tried to drive away in a stolen vehicle. He also have stolen property and narcotics with him. Despite the serious crimes, he was allowed to walk away with a citation.

Just one hour later, the police responded to another call of a possible intruder. Landrum was allegedly walking around and stealing things that he placed in a box. The police found him with the stolen property and gave him another citation. Then sent him along his way.

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