Blue State Parade: Intentional Homicide (Manslaughter)

by Karl Denninger

We know the lockdowns were bull**** folks.

This isn’t speculation; as I pointed out at the end of March every single state that I looked at had its infection rate (not case count, rate of expansion) peak on or before the day the lockdowns were enacted.

Since it takes five to ten days from infection before you are symptomatic enough to go seek treatment this means the lockdown orders could not have caused the curve to collapse because the mitigation was put into place after the event occurred.

That which you do after something happens cannot be the cause of the “something.” Period.

Not reversing all those orders on or around April 1st was flatly unsupported by facts and thus was and remains criminal malfeasance. There is exactly no state that should not have had their executives dragged out of office on April 1st by the direct action of the overwhelming majority of their citizens, or had their “orders” simply ignored.

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