Bankrupt Cities and States Won’t Let This Crisis Go to Waste – John Rubino

from Financial Survival Network

John Rubino sasys that the people running states like New Jersey, and cities like Chicago know that they’re broke. Ridiculously generous public employee pensions – concocted by elected officials and union leaders who understood that they were writing checks their taxpayers couldn’t cover – are bleeding them dry, with no political solution in sight.

They also know that they have only two possible outs: bankruptcy, or some form of federal bailout. Since the former means a disgraceful end to local political careers while the latter requires some kind of massive crisis to push Washington into a place where a multi-trillion dollar state/city bailout is the least bad option, it’s safe to assume that mayors and governors – along with public sector union leaders – have been hoping for such a crisis to save their bacon.

And this year, they got their wish.

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