America’s Last Mile

by Patricia Jay
American Thinker

I think it’s time to leave The City.

I’m talking about not just Minneapolis, even as we watch it die in real time. There are NYC, so corrupt that it leaves its elderly and other useless eaters to die in place, and Chicago, with a South Side so deadly that decent black people are leaving, after the whites of a generation ago. There are Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland — they’re gone — and San Francisco and Los Angeles, too, both of which are approaching a civic point of no return. Even Texas cities like Austin and Dallas are beset by growing crime and homeless culture, the deadly fruits of progressivism.

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams talks about the “fog of the last mile” that falls eventually at the end stage of societal problems like racism. White people were the problem, he says bluntly, so white people went to war to cure it; they joined with civil rights greats to change the legal structure of racism as well as to pass new laws to abolish later segregation.

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