A Tale of Two Governors and Two State Re-Openings

by Brian C. Joondeph
American Thinker

This is a tale, not of two cities, but of two states, and two governors. Both states began reopening their economies last week as the worst of the Chinese flu appears to be over, except for a few isolated hotspots. Both states are reopening in a similar fashion, taking baby steps rather than a full gallop.

One state is Georgia, the other is Colorado. Georgia has 10.6 million people, Colorado a little more than half that number. The virus stats favor Georgia, but only by a small amount. According to the Real Clear Politics Coronavirus tracker, Georgia has 27,733 confirmed cases compared to 15,768 in Colorado, consistent with their population difference. Georgia fares better in deaths per million population, at 110 compared to Colorado at 142.

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