70% Depopulation of the U.S. Predicted by 2025

by Bill Sardi

Many people are asking, what is the endgame of this contrived coronavirus epidemic? What is government attempting to accomplish? Complete control of individuals? Total destruction of private enterprise? Abolishment of Constitution protections? Foment racial discord? Outlaw guns? Demolish religion? Sweep the President from office? Cull the world’s human population? Yes, all of those are likely objectives. And to realize how fragile our freedoms are, this was all done in a period of one week. And a fearful population fully cooperated, voluntarily at first, and eventually by mandate. Now, can America ever get fearful workers to come out of hibernation and go back to work?

I don’t have access as an insider to any more information than others. I’m piecing together information as you are, like parts of a puzzle. We may be misled by fear mongers who want us all to come to the wrong conclusions that are emotional unsettling in order to spread fear amongst the human family. This is what I have come to understand is going on. Some is fact, some is guesswork based on facts.

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