30.3 Million Americans Have Filed for Unemployment Insurance in the Last Six Weeks

There is also a backlog so numbers would be higher

from My Budget 360

The unemployment figures that we are seeing are startling. We have now seen 30.3 million people file for unemployment insurance in the last six weeks. These numbers are historic even when comparing to the Great Depression. The notion that we will have a sharp V-shape recovery is simply not going to be the case. While shutting things down can happen quickly, starting them back up is not going to be the case. For one, you now have people that are worried about getting a virus that is still circulating around the country at high levels. In many places, the curve has only flattened because people have used social distancing. But the numbers will likely go right back up once the economy opens up, if we go back to the old normal. It is evident that we did not have a robust enough system to deal with a pandemic like this.

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