Zoom Locked Feature Require Password and Waiting Room Feature Heather Havenwood Work from Home

from Heather Havenwood

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In this video I show you the NEW FORCED Password Feature, Zoom implemented on April 4 2020. Even on Personal Rooms, you must have a password.

If you use Zoom connected to any type of scheduling software, you either give your guests the new password OR you go into your zoom settings and get the NEW Zoom link.

If you have a redirect like I do, then you will have to change out the link.

In addition, I discuss the #zoom new waiting room feature, and I show how to place everyone who comes in on mute, so you as the host can manage the noise of the room.

Here is a video on best equipment to use for zoom calls and how to set up your home office best for #videoconferencing call === https://youtu.be/Kkh_PxSvLas

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