Your Reminder on Facts

by Karl Denninger

For those with 30-second attention spans:

  • Diamond Princess proved that the claim, which continues to be made today, that (1) this virus is extremely deadly and (2) there is zero cross or innate immunity were both false. It is not possible for a very transmissible respiratory virus to infect one person in a quarantined cabin of two people, while the other does not get sick at all unless either (1) the second person is already immune or (2) the second person gets it but has no symptoms at all and recovers before being tested, and thus tests negative. I remind you that this was proved, conclusively, before the end of February.
  • Kirkland proved that (1) the virus is extremely virulent and deadly among nursing home populations, killing double-dgiit percentages of the people in said places, (2) that flu season mitigations were ineffective in preventing the spread, as it was already flu season and (3) it was likely spread through fecal/oral and by the workers in the facilities — that is, health care workers are a primary vector. Yet to this day we have not locked in nursing homes nor done anything about that vector as people in said places count nearly half of all deaths and continue to be a primary source of both cases and deaths. I remind you this was proved, conclusively, by the first week of March and thus all nursing home fatalities from Covid-19 since that time are in fact negligent homicides for which governors and the owners of same should be held personally liable both civilly and criminally.

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