You Need to Hear This New Secret Police Recording

from Avi Yemini

Eight weeks ago Tommy was arrested in front of his children for confronting a paedophile who had sexually assaulted his young daughter.

On the day, it was clear that Police weren’t interested in investigating the serious allegation of child molestation and they paedophile go while Tommy was dragged away in cuffs and charged with assault.

That would have been the end of the story if all of you hadn’t of shared the shocking video of his arrest. So thank you for spreading the truth.

A day after you made the video viral, the lead investigator called Tommy with an update that they were suddenly investigating what happened to his daughter.

In that phone call, Tommy specifically asked the officer why they never even took a statement from his daughter.

After we shared that secret recording, that particular officer was removed from the case, and his daughter finally got interviewed a few days later.

Remember, Tommy restrained the perpetrator and hung around with his kids for 4 hours that day, waiting to give Police statements.

But the Police refused, their agenda was clear. They only wanted Tommy locked up, not the bloody Paedo.

Until now, eight weeks later, Tommy received a call from the new investigator assigned to the case.

They suddenly want those interviews.

What an absolute joke.

Tommy was arrested and charged within days, while the real criminal has been free to victimise more young, innocent British girls.

And now Police expect these young children to remember everything they witnessed, eight weeks after the fact.

Meanwhile, Police have sent Tommy a new court date, 15th of May.

Obviously, the courts are confident it’ll be Coronavirus safe by then, otherwise, how could they risk Tommy’s life.

So please make sure to go and support Tommy on the day. Wear a mask, practise social distancing, just don’t allow the state to persecute Tommy Robinson under cover of coronavirus.

If the courts change the date again, we’ll update then. For now; Luton Magistrates Court on the 15th of May from 10.00 am.

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