Without Freedom

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

Freedom is the fountainhead of all progress and advancement. Without freedom, choice is eliminated. Without freedom, productivity and innovation ceases. Without freedom, civilization declines. Without freedom, you have no future.

The following excerpt is from Brian Wilson. It is a passionate response to what is happening to our country and our freedom. It should have broad exposure:

Over the last 90 days – more than ever before in our lifetime – it should finally be obvious to every sentient being that Government is the organized Force aligned against the Individual. As an entity formed to protect Freedom and Liberty, it is a deceitful mirage. Government’s greatest accomplishments have been to eradicate entire civilizations, slaughter untold millions of innocents and squander the wealth of Man and Nature for its own ends. Nothing conceived by man has been a greater pariah to the human condition than Government. Will intelligent people allow it to continue to their ultimate destruction? Or begin taking the immediate and necessary steps to eliminate it and welcome Freedom?

Few readers are likely to comprehend what Mr. Wilson is saying. Still fewer will agree. The thought that government might be an evil contradicts everything they have been taught and told in our schools. However, why should anyone expect government schools to be critical of government?

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