Why This Downturn Will Be as Bad (or Worse) Than the Great Depression

by Mark Nestmann

Humpty Dumpty is often portrayed as an anthropomorphic egg. If you were to drop a raw egg and let gravity take its course, putting the pieces together again would be virtually impossible. Even if you managed to glue the shell in place and place the yolk back inside, the structure would be highly unstable and prone to breakage.

Humpty Dumpty is an apt analogy for what the US and the rest of the world faces in the weeks, months, and years ahead as we transition into the post-COVID-19 era. While stock prices have stabilized for the moment (no doubt reacting to the $2 trillion bailout recently signed into law by President Trump), don’t be fooled. We’re only a few steps in on the path to economic catastrophe; what I’ve dubbed the “Great Unravelling.”

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