Dr. Fauci Defies the Media, Says Trump Approved ‘Mitigation’ “The First Time I Recommended It”

from Zero Hedge

After a wild day that say President Trump feud with the governors over who has the authority to reopen states’ economies, while an inexplicable Trump retweet, possibly made in anger, led the press to speculate that the White House might be firing Dr. Fauci – something that liberals would inevitably herald as a huge ‘win’ for their cause, since most of the American public have placed so much faith in the good doctor that he can now do no wrong.

But the White House has denied those rumors, and the actual quote from the doctor that helped propel these rumors – a comment claiming he had advised beginning lockdowns in February – didn’t include any explicit criticisms of Trump, and many probably can probably understand that, at that point in early February, before the US had recorded a single death from the outbreak, shutting down the entire economy would have been a political non-started.

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