Wanna Draft Me?

by Karl Denninger

Start here, because unlike the “finger in the wind” *******s my views typically do not change without strong evidence being presented first.

Now let’s add to it in the context of Covid-19:

  • The Constitution is not suspended based on a pandemic. Specifically, you can quarantine sick people but you have to prove they have an infectious disease and are infectious. Beyond that? Nope. And I will send the FBI to arrest any governor, mayor or other official who disrespects that. Yes, I mean it. They will go to prison.
  • This doesn’t mean you can’t protect vulnerable people. Not only can you, we will. There are Constitutional ways to make that happen. They’re not what you think they are, but they’re real. Specifically, most nursing homes take Medicaid money. Don’t play by the rules? No money. Let’s see how fast their attitude changes.

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