Trump Uses Defense Production Act to Protect America’s Food Supply Chain

by Ryan Saavedra
Daily Wire

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday evening to protect America’s food supply chain from disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China.

“It is important that processors of beef, pork, and poultry (“meat and poultry”) in the food supply chain continue operating and fulfilling orders to ensure a continued supply of protein for Americans,” the order stated. “However, outbreaks of COVID-19 among workers at some processing facilities have led to the reduction in some of those facilities’ production capacity. In addition, recent actions in some States have led to the complete closure of some large processing facilities.”

The executive order highlighted how closing facilities in the national meat and poultry supply chain undermined critical infrastructure, noting that “any unnecessary closures can quickly have a large effect on the food supply chain.”

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