Toothpaste, QE, Gold and Debt

by Gary Christenson
Miles Franklin

Breaking News:

For the week ending April 3, the DOW fell 584, gold rose $20, and silver fell $0.04.

  • The Fed supercharged their “monetary firehose” and
    injected hundreds of billions into the debt markets. They support the political
    and financial elite. The non-elite will receive a few benefits, later, maybe,
  • Unemployment claims went ballistic. Ten million
    in two weeks.
  • The U.S. has over 300,000 (April 4) confirmed
    cases of COVID-19. One month ago, there were 159 confirmed cases. This is an
    exponential rise of 28.5% every day for 30 days. At this rate we will reach
    10,000,000 cases by April 19. However, the rate should decrease. Suppose it
    drops to half, “only” 14% increase every day. The US will reach 10,000,000
    cases by early May
    . Strengthen your immune system.
  • The reaction to the virus has devastated
    business, the economy and future expectations.


We all know from experience that toothpaste can be squeezed out but can’t be pushed back into the tube. It’s a one-way process. The tube and paste are materially changed after squeezing the tube.

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