This is Where the World is On the “Corona Curve” at This Moment: An Update

from Zero Hedge

Last week, when we looked at the latest shape of the Coronavirus curve, we said that even as US cases continue to soar, “the light at the end of the tunnel is now visible” and indeed as JPMorgan’s MW Kim writes in his latest Covid-19 update note published late last week, the global infection growth is showing early signs of slowing (53% W/W vs. 95% W/W two weeks ago), according to Johns Hopkins data, according to which the number of global confirmed cases is set to surpass 2 million in the coming days.

This reduction in new cases is the result of a sharp drop in the number of susceptible targets (i.e., cutting new contacts), which means that curve control is working with both China and Korea now well into the recovery stage, while Germany, Spain and Italy are at or near the curve peak, with US, France, the UK and several other nations close behind.

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