The Wonderful Insanity of Globalization

by Charles Hugh Smith
Of Two Minds

So here’s an April Fools congrats to globalization’s many fools.

The tradition here at Of Two Minds is to make use of April Fool’s Day for a bit of parody or satire, but I’m breaking with tradition and presenting something that is all too real but borders on parody: the wonderful insanity of globalization.

Like the famous emperor with no clothing, globalization’s countless glorious benefits have been flogged by neoliberal elites and its corporate media shills with such relentlessly manic enthusiasm (let’s call it what it is: a form of greed-fueled insanity) that the average worker has come to accept the wonderfulness of globalization as a natural force much like gravity: it’s inescapable.

Meanwhile, the globalization emperor has no clothes. Globalization has generated a wonderful (satire alert) insanity in which efficiencies and fragilities are ignored and fatal excesses are deemed worthy of frothy praise: look at the emperor’s fine garments!

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