The U.S. Will Sell $4 Trillion in Debt This Year, a 300% Increase: This is What it Will Look Like

from Zero Hedge

Don’t look now, but just weeks after it passed the biggest fiscal stimulus in US history, Congress passed an additional round of fiscal measures totaling $484bn. This raises Goldman’s estimated 2020 US deficit financing need to ~$3.5 trillion. But there’s more: the bank does not think the latest measure is the final word here, and its economists expect another round totaling $550bn to pay for items such as aid to state and local governments, that haven’t been fully addressed thus far.

On the whole, this would translate to between $3.8-$4 trillion in financing needs for 2020, almost a trillion dollar increment Goldman’s prior deficit estimate, and 300% more than the US sold in calendar 2019. Financing such a massive gap, amounting to 20% of GDP, will require a broad-based increase across maturities and product types.

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