The Question Adults Should Ask (Fireside Chat Ep. 131)

from PragerU

Is adulthood defined by age? Not really. As soon as you understand the one question which applies to all decisions in life, congratulations: You have entered adulthood. Dennis explains this most interesting concept and asks & answers why hydroxychloroquine remains so controversial, even though it is saving lives. Enjoy!

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0:00 Dennis Is Not A Fan Of The Mask
2:23 When Do You Become An Adult?
4:25 Example Of Not Growing Up
7:29 How Do Women Define Masculinity?
9:38 The Most Important Adult Question
11:01 Everything Has A Price
12:12 No One Asks The Price Of Quarantine
13:27 Quarantining The Healthy
14:08 The Actual Price Being Paid
16:29 No Income Threat Across The World
19:14 Hydroxychloroquine: Why So Bad?
20:47 Many Successfully Treated Patients
23:23 Trump Hatred Exceeds Saving Lives
24:45 Arrogance In Dismissing This Solution
27:13 Courage Is The Rarest Good Trait
28:52 What If Most Deaths Were Not In NY?
31:00 Once There’s A Precedent…
32:35 Never Take Liberty For Granted