The Monsters Among Us: @JimCramer, Birx, Fauci – And You

by Karl Denninger

Cramer just admitted on-air the fact I’ve pointed out for more than a month — in NYC fewer than 20% are making it off ventilators.

Oh, and just because you make it off doesn’t mean you live. How many survive to discharge? Well, it’s less than or equal to that, right? Yep, since if you’re dead we already know the outcome.

Remember, we’re not out of ventilators. Everyone who needs one gets one at the present time.

The problem isn’t that they aren’t available — it’s that in nearly every case they don’t save the patient.

This was my point since this alleged “debate” all started. The premise that if you exceed hospital capacity we have 2 million deaths and if we don’t then 100,000 people (or however many is the fantasy-land trot-out of the day) die was always intellectually bankrupt and a bald-faced lie. It has been relentlessly promoted on a literal minute-by-minute basis to justify buying tens if not hundreds of thousands of $30,000 machines never mind that each one requires skilled people to operate it, which we do not have.

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