So, the Comex is Saying Real Physicals Are at Their Price, Huh?

by J. Johnson

If any of what we are seeing within our markets is factual and true, then why can no one find and buy real physicals at the Comex prices? As far as getting bars from the Comex Warehouses, we are told it’s still happening but that has to be questionable, at best. Yet the disparities between what is called Comex, the last place on the planet to buy anything in size, is suppose to be the real, then why is there no place here in the USA with product in stock?

Buyers across our country cannot find physicals period! If there is an ounce sold, sellers are refusing to accept any deal without a substantial premium to Comex. Both Coasts are showing a $10 spread for Silver. As far as Gold, just add $200 to Comex’s price anywhere and you’ll be close enough to getting that ounce, maybe. Check yourself, most suppliers are out of everything.

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