Rigged Market Socialism

by Michael Ballanger
Gold Seek

As a child, I used to get quite excited at the prospect of having my English “Gran” read me the Hans Christian Andersen book “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” I found the tale fiendishly amusing, as the charlatan tailor uses lethal doses of flattery and mystery to beguile the poor sovereign into really believing that he is wearing the finest robes ever woven. There is even greater irony in the crowds he passes during a parade as they “Oooh” and “Awww” at his comic preening, knowing full well that he is making a fool of himself but too fearful to do anything but play along. The ending is sublime, with the ultimate moment of reckoning coming “from the mouths of babes,” in the form of a young lad who finally blows the whistle with the innocent but true acknowledgement that, indeed, the emperor was parading pitifully through the town square clad only in his knickers.

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