Protests Expand: Is Massive Civil Disobedience Next?

by Mac Slavo

Protests around the country are growing as Americans push back against the tyranny forced upon them by state and federal governments. With the protests gaining steam, it’s important to understand what should next: massive civil disobedience.

By civil disobedience, I mean, open your business without any tyrants permission. Don’t use violence and social unrest. Once people begin to disobey the authoritarian lockdown orders peacefully and start to reopen their businesses, the power structure will quickly erode under the feet of the government and elitists and flow back to the people. Protesting is begging the government to allow people to be free. Civil disobedience is when people finally figure out they don’t need anyone’s permission to reopen their business. Refrain from any and all violence, and just reopen your business. The decision is not in the tyrants’ hands any longer.

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