Podcasting in the Era of Coronavirus with Ben Kreuger (#70)

from Viral Podcasting

With the spread of Coronavirus, everyone is shifting and changing. It’s time to be a leader in these troubled times. A lot of things are shifting. Podcasting is one communicaiton option. There are many, video, writing articles and live events. Podcasting is an incredible option, especially now that being physically around people isn’t going to be an option. If you’re working from home or lost your job and you have a message, then podcasting could be an option. Will the current conditions lead to a large influx of podcasters? You should start by listening to podcasts. Find the types of shows you like and the topics that bring out your passion. Then you’ll have a direction and a focus. Start with a vision of what you want it to be as a finished product. Having clarity on your why will help all the other pieces fall into place.

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