Plandemic: Raison D’être

by Rob Kirby
Gold Seek

The plandemic was [conveniently or coincidentally, take your pick?] “dropped” because we are on an exponential, vertical growth curve for money which had to be created – due to the magic of compounding – before we ever had a “virus”.

[…] I would like to now remind EVERYONE of a piece I penned back in August of 2018 where I did write in a piece titled, Big Money and the Big Lie:

“The important take-away from the picture above is that the US dollar is now on the vertical growth part of its “life curve”. Naysayers might argue, “money growth is not increasing at a vertical rate because the Fed stopped QE [Quantitative Easing] a number of years ago”.

Perhaps the Fed did “technically” stop QE a number of years ago, BUT, the folks at the Fed are well aware of the facts regarding the life cycle of fiat money depicted above. They know if the money is not created, the financial system [US Dollar] collapses onto itself. So what gives?

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