Pelosi: ‘Shameful’ Trump’s Name Appearing On Stimulus Checks

[Ed. Note: She’s batsh!t crazy, but she’s not wrong about everything. What would you say if Obama did it?]

by Pam Key

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said it was “shameful” President Donald Trump’s name will appear on the coronavirus stimulus checks.

Host Jake Tapper asked, “What’s your take on President Trump’s name appearing on these stimulus checks?”

Pelosi said, “Shameful. In other words, people are really desperate to get a check.”

She continued, “Let me put it in perspective. The three things that really anger the American people, there are others, but three of them are, one, that our first responders, our health care workers, our police and fire, all the people in food and other essential workers, do not have the equipment that they need to keep themselves safe as they manage to attend to the needs of others, that they do not have the ventilators and other equipment to save lives that are in their charge. That’s one.”

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