Mnuchin to Small Business Owners: ‘Don’t Worry. There Will Be Money’

by Hank Berrien
Daily Wire

Speaking to Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business on Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin offered comfort to small business owners, noting, “If you can’t get the loans today or tomorrow, don’t worry. There will be money; if we run out of money we’ll go back for more,” adding, “I know the president is very much looking at how we can reopen parts of the economy.”

Bartiromo stated, “We’re in lockdown. Do you think that this next eight weeks they’ll open up in the time that they can actually use the money and make sure that the employee has the money but they’re also going to actually get revenue in so that they can open up again? Because this is an eight-week period that they’re giving money to employees and they’ve got no revenue. They’re in lockdown. So at some point, they may have to fire that person anyway, because they won’t make it.”

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