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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Jeffrey A. Tucker (American Institute for Economic Research) about freedom and liberty in a time of government-imposed shutdown. Jeffrey holds the mainstream media like the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC and their dislike for Donald Trump responsible for creating the panic that led to the lockdown we now live under. Jeffrey also discusses how our free market economy is still performing well despite the forced closure of many industries by the government. He describes how grocery stores are adjusting to make sure they are addressing people’s needs and keeping essentials in stock. He believes that it is capitalism that enables us to adapt to such severe changes so quickly. Jeffrey also discusses how the shutdown is a result of government failures in every area. From over-regulating the medical industry to tariffs on masks, from states’ over-reliance on the Strategic National Stockpile to not having enough ventilators. Jeffrey sees these issues being primarily caused by governments failed interventions and the failures of the CDC and FDA. He believes that in a crisis we need to give individuals and professionals the freedom to respond in the way that they feel is best. Jeffrey also shares how people are resisting and even defying the government imposed lockdown. In NYC speakeasies and secret restaurants are beginning to pop up. In a free society people will simply not comply with government edicts that impose on their liberty. He discusses how even during the enlightenment individuals adapted successfully to periods of disease.

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Jeffrey A. Tucker
Editorial Director, AIER (American Institute for Economic Research)
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