Markets Divorced from Reality: Call Your Stockbroker Before It’s Too Late [+Q&A]


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Even though we’re all working from home these days, we at ITM are a team and a family. We meet weekly to discuss what going on and, for me, the consultants give me feedback on what our clients are saying and asking.
What keeps coming up is that people are afraid and not just of the coronavirus, they’re afraid to open their investment statements and even more afraid to talk to their stockbroker or “advisor” even if they could get them on the phone. They think their broker will tell them to just ride it out that the Fed will “save the day” and that ultimately, markets ALWAYS go up.
And while the ride it out method may have worked in the past, that’s because there was still room for “financial engineering”, room to lower interest rates and room to grow more debt.
People may have believe the “everything is great” lie, but those days are over. How much longer can the last dregs of confidence last is anybody’s guess. But headline after headline is now showing the stark reality. Right now people are scared, but at some point that fear will turn to anger.
Today I’m going to show you how the markets are divorced from reality, and what happens to your money while you sleep. We’ll also cover the most current events and keep you informed on the truth behind the scenes.

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