Lockdown Backlash Builds: Protests Organized in Multiple States

by James Barrett
Daily Wire

It’s not just happening in Michigan, it’s also building in North Carolina and Ohio. Backlash to the “lockdown” orders is coming in multiple forms in multiple states, including a “gridlock” protest against Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s overzealous “closing and banning,” the “Reopen NC” movement against North Carolina’s Gov. Roy Cooper’s (D) “not warranted, nor sustainable” stay-at-home orders, and a demands by Guy Fawkes-masked protesters calling on Gov. Mike DeWine (R) to “Open Ohio.”

As The Daily Wire reported Monday, Michigan’s Whitmer is under increased fire over what more than 200,000 petition signees say is her “failure,” “lies” and overreach.

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