Let’s Legalize Prostitution

[Ed. Note: Don’t worry Walter, once they have a fully digital, completely traceable and taxable monetary system, the government won’t dare miss the chance to go into the legal pimping business… for safety reasons, of course. It’s not as simple as observing that they’d be willing to pimp your granddaughter out to meet their pension promise shortfalls.]

by Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
The Daily Bell

The world’s oldest profession is in trouble.

With the exception of Nevada (apart from Las Vegas), several countries in Europe, and a few elsewhere, prostitution is illegal in the entire world. Yet, in the felicitous expression of the late Harvard philosopher Robert Nozick, it constitutes a “capitalist act between consenting adults” and thus ought not to be prohibited by law.

Conservatives want to prohibit this practice because they deem it immoral and maintain it undermines the family, the bedrock of our civilization. Well, yes, possibly, it may well play havoc between husbands and wives, particularly if the former utilize these services of other women and the latter provide them to other men. But, it might well help single mothers to put more bread on the table than would otherwise be available and thus keep their families together. And who is to deny that it might well save some marriages, as an escape valve.

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